Cute Hair Coloring Ideas

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Cute hair coloring trends ideas in 2013

1-Colorful Hair-Dye Ideas

When 2012 is almost over, and we should prepare a new 2013. In 2013, you should prepare something new, like change hair color. No matter the season, hair color always becomes hottest conversation all the time. Definitely, we want to look fresh when New Year came.

New hair color will make your appearance a new look. Change your common hair into new hair color. With something new, it can be a spirit to do activity in New Year.

To begin a day in 2013, you can transform your hair color into cute hair color below this. In addition, these hair colors also will make your appearance look attractive. Many celebrities are also trying these hair colors to gain attention. Here are

–          Brown blonde

Brown blonde become the most favorite color in 2013. Brown blonde is that perfect shade between blonde and brunette. Brown blonde was first made popular back in 2007 by supermodel Gisele Bundchen and remains popular in 2013. Brown blonde comes in a different technique. If you want to get this color as to professional, what the best hairstyle for you based on your skin tone and eye color.

–          Bombshell red

One of the hottest hair colors in 2013 is bombshell red. This is the sexiest hair color of the year. With it quickly becoming the most coveted shade by women all over the globe, not expects the celebrity.

–          Ombre hair

2-Cute Hair Colors for Girls

Ombre hair is quite becoming the most popular hair color in 2013. And even has been popping up on red carpets for more than a year. This look is relatively easy to maintain, leading to it is extreme popularity. Ombre hair color is a great option for brunettes.

–          Purple grey

Hair color in 2013 is not about calm shades. When it comes to change hair color, consider this color. Purple grey is a retro-punk variation of the trendy hair with a slightly grey shade. Play up your hair color with this color.

–          Strawberry blonde

Strawberry blonde remained popular in 2013. If you have pale skin, you can choose this color. Everyone seems to be trying out this red-tinted of the classic blonde because it brings an attractive look.

–          Platinum blonde

3-Interesting Hair Color Ideas

credit: Tinley Stockman

Keeping this blonde is high maintenance, however, and won’t suit all skin tones. Platinum blonde is icy shades that have been used for quite some time. It is an extreme blonde shade that suitable who confident and not afraid to take risks.

–          Pastel hair

Play up your hair with some experiments in pastel hair. These pastel blues compliment each other fabulously for a head of hair, the color of the summer sky. Pastel hair come in different result depending on your creativity and your preferences.

–          Neon hair

4-Cute Dark Hair Color Ideas

credit: Kari Jo Gower

Another hair color that remains popular in 2013 is neon hair. Similar to pastel hair, this hair color comes in different results depending on the creativity level you have chosen. Liven up your locks with this hair color.

Get Your New Trends Hairstyle:

hair dye ideas cute hair colors

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