Anime Hair Styles

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1-Anime hairstyles

Anime hairstyle has been a long-term phrase used for all animation and even cartoon characters. Many anime hairstyles range in different colors.
Not to mention all the different kinds of actual anime hairstyles. Some are looking elegant and flowing, spiky, half-cut sides, tall ponytails.
Many of the anime hairstyles are used in Anime to show differences in the personality of that character. These anime hairstyles are used quite often in different demographics of Anime as well as in some cartoons.

2-Suzumiya-headband anime

Some examples of anime hairstyles are:

Elemental-the The hair color will usually show the element of the power of the character in this case.
Expressive-the hair will be responsive or interact as the actual character with the hair.


Idiot-usually shows the character with pieces of their standing up. They are sometimes known as “stupid hair” or even cowlick.
Antennae-this will have just two strands of hair sticking up, and forward curve look with the strands.
Decorations-you will find many of the younger girls wearing floral and or unique styled bands in their hair.
Hime Cut-this style is usually seen on most Japanese female characters in Anime.


Hot Blooded Sideburns-usually seen in villain characters. Usually in the style of spiky and sharp points.
Delinquent-this is a style where a character will have a Mohawk, certain spikes, or colors such as blue, pink, green.
Compressed-when, the hair of the character, is concealed under a helmet, scarf, or cap. It was then revealed the hair in full body.


credits: Joe Estes

Curtains Match the Window-when the character matches their clothing, especially eye color with their own hair.
Kaleidoscope-this is when the character changes their hair more than once, either by mood or reflection of thought. Usually, hair that changes often or in many multi-colors.
Mega Twin Tails-shows huge pigtails on both sides of the character.

6-anime_Anime HairStyles

Spiky-this is when all of the hair is spiked.

Shonen-the character that will fit this look is one that is pronounced with a specific style, once self.
Slipknot Ponytail-this is when the character will have their hair in a ponytail style.
Round Bushy Hair- Sometimes, a cartoon character is drawn with a wavy hairstyle that almost looks like the shape of a moon, except bushier.
Rapunzel-the style of full hair, long and bodied in character.

7-Anime Hair Styles

credits: DeviantArt

Power Makes Your Hair Grow-when a character’s hair will increase in size or look larger or even more colorful. This usually takes place when the character gets extra strengths or powers.
Power Dyes-usually signifies when a character gets a power boost of energy to destroy or create something.
Prehensile-this is when the character will have their hair do most of the fighting or expression for them, especially in fighting scenes with pigtails and ponytails.
Odango-when a character will have two spherical buns worn on both sides of their head.

8-Anime HairStyles

Ojou Ringlets-with this Anime character will have two curled locks of hair draping on the sides of her face.
Peek-a-Bangs-when the character will fit a mood of deception, concealment, shyness, and seduction. Having one eye covered most of the time, with longer bangs more than usual.

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