50 Beautiful Balayage Straight Hairstyles For 2020

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Balayage Straight hair is pleasant by nature, and having a healthy, shining hair is any girl’s priority. In this journey, you will get to know some balayage techniques that can be applied to a straight hairstyle to make it look more appealing to one’s eyes,

doesn’t matter if you have a short or long hair, with black, brown or blonde hair, you’ll find the perfect balayage that you work for you and that you will need in here. Have a happy adventure!

1/ BLONDE OMBRE HAIRSTYLE (credits: therighthairstyles.com )

We have good news for you: Ombré hair color trend isn’t going to vanish anytime soon. A traditional blonde hair ombré is meant to give you the ideal sunkissed look, which is why it’s such a popular request at salons.

Not only that, ladies, but these highlights are super simple to maintain, so you don’t have to worry about regular touch-ups or unsightly roots!

Depending on what you are surely looking for, blonde ombré hair can be subtle or reflect a firm contrast where your locks are darker on the top and lighter on the ends.

2/ BRUNETTE BLONDE HAIR (credits: @lookdujour_ca )

This fantastic, shiny brunette blonde balayage treatment is perfect for adding texture and dimension to your hair.

Since it combines both brown and blonde, we can call it bronde. The highlights are flawlessly placed in a natural-looking and sunkissed pattern. You will enjoy the overall look and will beg the shade to last longer in your hair.

3/ ICY BLONDE HAIR (credits: @Spotlight the Salon)

Icy blonde is a light, cool-toned hair color that is pale as white and has subtle touches of beige. This high fashion color has been stealing the lights in the last few years.

It has been the go-to color for Kim K Lady Gaga, Cara Delevingne, and many others too.

They rocked the color wear and made this color more trendy than ever. The look can completely change when playing with the different hairstyles out there. Length and volume are a game-changer.

4/CARAMEL ESPRESSO BRUNETTE (credits: @Maneinterest )

For an ultra-trendy look, go for thicker highlights beneath with thinner tones in the middle. This combo of caramel and espresso colors is perfect.

You can add some blonde to the ends for some added dimension. You can also add some curls for a fun, flirty allure that works for any event.

5/ UNDERLIGHTS FOR A ROCK’N’ROLL (credits: www.monvanityideal.com )

If you’ve spent a long time admiring the unnatural hair colors, all the red carpet risk-takers and Instagram stars are rocking but haven’t been able to dye your locks due to your job (or just because you’re a little weary of going all out bright),

you’re so lucky. The latest trend takes bold, lush shades and hides them under the semblance of a more natural color. It’s called “underlights,” and the results are astonishing.

6/ RED BALAYAGE (credits: ArchzineENG )

The charm of red balayage is that it lends itself to a whole spectrum of stunning shades.

And if you’re looking to make a striking statement this season, there is a huge variety of brilliant red hues that will allow you to turn more than a few heads (for all the right reasons, of course!).

Both bright red highlights and lowlights look especially fabulous with dark hair colors, as the contrasting hues will present masses of depth and dimension to your tresses.

7/ CINNAMON BALAYAGE (credits: www.learnbemobile.com)

The best part? No matter what your hair length is (be it a bob or a lob), you can still get the mane benefits out of this luscious trend.

Just take a glance at how this beauty ups her color game by adding in striking cinnamon highlights into her stylish, dark brown, or black hair.

8/ PLATINUM BLONDE BALAYAGE (credits: Steph Luna )

Platinum blonde hair color is blonde hair that is decreased of its bright pigment into a shade that is more relaxed like ash, silver, metallic, and pearl.

The platinum color, just like on rings you wear, will have the same shade on hair and can be made deeper or slightly to match preference and skin tone.

Platinum blonde hair is a highly-coveted shade. This look will take you to cloud nine, make sure to let us know what you think after trying it out.

9/ AUTUMN / AUBURN BALAYAGE (credits: @K.s.colors )

When you add a shade of red to your brunette hair, the fallen leaves effect, it automatically creates a beautiful dimension, making your hair look thicker and more voluminous.


Transition seductively into the redhead world with a bright copper in a subtle ombre that contains pinkish tint too.

This hair shade is so vibrant yet soft and goes well with dark red roots. You will love the smooth transition from roots to ends! You will adore changing your hair up!!

11/ CHOCOLATE BALAYAGE (credits: Pinterest )

Every hair color works best with a balayage – dark hair included. It’s about finding the right hue to complement your natural locks and the vibe you’re going for.

In case you desire something a little more subdued and understated, go with chocolate highlights on top to give your hair a total makeover. Chocolate has many shades, but this picture shows one of the famous go-to looks for dark hair.

12/ BROWN CARAMEL BALAYAGE (credits: www.fashionlookstyle.com )

Get that beautiful light-catching effect on your natural brown hair by getting these sweet and warm highlights! Ideal for straight hair in any length!

An extra reason to fall in love with this dye trend is how the hair texture appears more defined and enhanced when under natural, bright lighting.

Style your tresses with waves or curls for a gorgeous voluminous blend or with straight hair to showcase a smooth transition of colors.

13/ DARK MOCHA WITH RED HIGHLIGHTS (credits: Silverpurplehaircolor.top )

If you are a young and bold lady who needs a radical look change, this is the right dye for you. These red tones on top of dark mocha will add a chic air to your hairstyle.

The transition between the hues of red is very smooth, and it’s perfect for any season. Give it a try!

14/ DARK ROSE GOLD FOR BRUNETTES BALAYAGE (credits: www.chailiner.com)

The rose brown hair shade offers a multidimensional and colorful way of revamping your distressed locks. A shade like this is ideal for someone who wants to experiment with a dark, rosy look.

This is an undeniable, gorgeous color to keep up with the fashion.

15/ TURQUOISE BALAYAGE (credits: @jesstheebesttcolor )

The color turquoise is often connected with calmness, femininity, and creativity, all of which are embodied in turquoise hair.

Whether you’re looking for a pastel color or a bright hue, wait no longer, an ocean-inspired turquoise is your thing!

16/ ROSE GOLD FOR BLONDE HAIR (credits: Onedorhair)

This blonde rose gold hairstyle is so beautifully highlighted that you can hardly tell where the blond ends and the pink begins!

The shimmering blending of blonde and pink hues is becoming the beauty statement of choice for hip folks of all stripes, celebrities, and women who have a high sense of fashion. It’s a way to step up the game in a way!

17/ SILVER BLONDE (credits: @Catherinelovescolor )

Silver-blonde hair looks super cute while remaining a little more natural than some of the other looks. Silver-blonde hair can work for grown-ups too!

These hues are full of depth, dimension, and are sophisticated. This Instagrammer proves that silver-blonde hair seems just as good with bouncy, natural curls.

If you observe a little closer, you can see a playful silver-blonde and golden highlights at the tips of her blonde hair, making this shade super unique.

18/ PURPLE BALAYAGE HAIR COLOR FOR BLACK HAIR (credits: www.withairstyles.com )

In mixture with black, purple has a more earthy nuance. The plum effect is warm and delicate, perfect for women than don’t want like bright highlights, and just want a subtle hint of purple color that won’t draw too much attention to their hair.

Deep purple on dark black is as lovely as soft lilac tresses on a platinum blonde base.

19/ HOT PINK BALAYAGE FOR BRUNETTES (credits: Teddie Kossof Salon Spa )

Black haired ladies need to be ready to pack a knock when going pink. You deal with a stark contrast between the two hues, so don’t be hesitant to go all in.

This example shows a heavy-handed highlight where the base color eventually goes away altogether at the ends.

20/ GOLD BLONDE BALAYAGE (credits: Conlee Arpin )

This hair dye is significantly warmer than its cousin silver-blonde but has an icy edge to it. Gloss and dimension:

these come naturally with golden locks, especially when you style your mane with waves. Marvel at how natural-looking Beyonce, Emily Blunt, and Karlie Kloss’ golden manes are!

You’ll be amazed at how this gleaming color can make your skin glow and bright instantly!

Wear the rays of the sun right on your locks with one of these golden blonde shades. Experience the golden luster when you try one of these popular colors below!

21/ BOLD GREEN OMBRE HAIR (credits: www.60962hair.vitrintr.com )

Also known as emerald green, Like all greens, emerald green is made by mixing blue and yellow paint.

There’s no exact ratio for how much of each color to use, but the bluer it becomes, the darker the hue will be. This shade looks lovely on her hair.

That’s a bold unnatural eye-catching hair dye to try when wanting to surprise others with your boldness, my dear!

22/ PEACH BALAYAGE (credits: Rachael Troncone )

Pink hair color has always remained a cool-girl staple, but we love how this wearable pastel has become an everyday request in the Salon.

Our favorite fashion colors are loaded with dimension, painted with ribbons of light and shadows. You will enjoy wearing this color. We can promise that!

23/ PHOENIX FIRE OMBRE BALAYAGE (credits: Modrenhub )

Hair colors are evolving more and more towards more vivid colors. And here is the new trend, fire hair, which will change the situation …

Indeed, for some time now, this fire tone coloration has continuously returned to the top of the trending topics, and for a good reason, this shaded color fire has something to appeal to the timidest.

24/ LIME ROOT BALAYAGE WITH DARK HAIR (credits: Glamourmaguk )

Called neon green too—is trending like crazy in the beauty and fashion world. And now, it looks like this shade of green just might become the next prominent hair coloration, as well.

If you think teenagers start most of the trends? well done then! (and they often do that).

Superstar Billie Eilish had a super cool hair color that made others reconsider trying out this crazy, fantastic look. Try this look out and let us know what you think!

www.underlightshair.kastamonucep.com )

The cinnamon hair color looks great on everyone. Let these cinnamon shades invite you to join the spicy side! “cinnamon and blue hair.”

There is a lot of room for your creativity with cinnamon hair color, from aqua teal to olive green, mermaid blue balayage that can be an extra to your overall look.

But this shade remains one of the best hues you can go for, a trend not to miss!

26/ PASTEL RAINBOW BALAYAGE HAIR (credits: www.hairstylezz.com)

if you’re looking to joining Team Unicorn, balayage should be in your rainbow hair arsenal. That’s a dye job that has a perfect marriage of balayage and rich, vibrant hues.

You won’t get enough of it. In addition to that, people will always glance at a new color they haven’t seen every time you’re near. Keep them guessing!

27/ HIGH CONTRAST VIBES (credits: @Little_lb)

That’s an extraordinary dye technique that gives you endless possibilities of styling your hair. If you decide to leave it straight,

the overall look will appear smoother and softer;

if braided or curled, the darker pieces will pop against the brighter blonde, making more of a shadowing effect, equalling more contrast.

28/ HOLOGRAPHIC BALAYAGE (credits: @rossmichaelssalon )

The trend may have been spreading throughout the internet on Pinterest boards, and Instagram feeds recently, but this isn’t a brand-new invention.

It was explored by Redken hair colorist Chiala Marvici back in 2015, but it looks like the peg-hunting people have dug it out of the archives one more time!

For the adventurous souls who are willing to take a hair risk, we recommend you going for “holographic dye.”
The hair color is the evolution of the metallic and pastel color trend by blending the two, using a technique dubbed as Hand-Pressed Coloring.

The holographic patterns are painted onto Plexiglass and pressed into the hair on repeat, using techniques similar to screen printing.

29/ BURGUNDY ROOT SHADOW FOR BLONDE HAIR BALAYAGE (credits: @constancerobbins, @jamiedanahairstylist )

The root shadow is an incredible technique that looks and feels amazingly modern and chic. It adds depth, dimension, brightness, and contrast thanks to the darker roots.

You will rock the look ladies, but you have to be careful about breakages that may appear due to the sensitivity of the hair and its health.

It’s crucial to keep up the excellent care and maintaining of your hair with a deeply nourishing shampoo and conditioner routine that are designed for colored hair.

30/ OMBRE BLUE HAIR FOR BRUNETTES BALAYAGE (credits: www.laugh.perfectweddingsx.com)

Slip away from mediocrity and make your mermaid dreams come true by wearing this captivating and up-to-date blue ombre hair

It emphasizes a beautiful ocean hue that gives the hair a tropical vibe, perfect for all the seasons.
Women want to keep their long hair.

We know it can often be a struggle to stay away from boredom with their locks. Ladies want to switch things up every now and then. Incorporating a vivid and fun color towards the ends of the hair is an excellent way to spice things up!

31/ ICE GOLD AND ROSE GOLD BALAYAGE (credits: Essence Hair&Beauty)

Rose-gold balayage is the baby child of the subtle highlighting technique. The balayage approach allows the choice of fun colors, such as rose gold, which is a tempting consideration for blondes, redheads, and brunettes. So try out this look, and you won’t regret it, we promise!

The balayage technique is redefining the way we look at adding color to hair. Different shades of pink are now becoming mainstream, and you can easily see why in this picture.

32/ DARK DENIM/ AZUL BALAYAGE (credits: @andrea.velasquez.1420)

If you’re not entirely ready to embrace a bright blue hue, indigo is the perfect denim variation for you. This ultra-dark shade gives a great addition to naturally dark hair.

This color joins depth to darker skin tones, and it also contrasts gorgeously with paler skin tones by generating an illuminating effect.

33/ HONEY BALAYAGE (credits: @Sofiacalderonehair)

Honey balayage is golden, which is between highlights in brown and blonde. That’s the reason why it looks great on almost any base hair dye.

The one thing remaining tricky is that honey is warm, so you need to check if it will be flattering to your skin tone.

These shades work with every eye color. So, if your skin has kind of warm undertones, all the nuances of honey will be the right fit for your beautiful hair.

According to colorists, the perfect skin tones for this kind of highlights are peachy, olive, reddish, and sometimes dark and deep skin tones.

Golden balayage is also used to hide all the gray hairs, or as a transition from dark hair color to something cooler and lighter. This look will look just perfect for you!

34/ MOCCA BLONDE BALAYAGE (credits: @Majorhairstudio)

Differing shades is a great way to add some interest to an extended cut.

Even a very subtle and progressive change can have a significant impact. Go with a natural dark mocca shade at the roots that fade into a lighter brown and then an icy blonde balayage at the tips.

35/ PINK BALAYAGE FOR BRUNETTES (credits: @yulia_sypko)

They say that pink hair doesn’t care! Pink is a shade that can be either punk or romantic. The vibe relies profoundly on the style of the hair.

You can iron flat it or put on some large curls or waves for a softer and more feminine look.

This combination is truly a hot duo right now, and we don’t see its charm disappearing anytime soon. Doesn’t matter your age or personal style, this is a fresh fun look to experiment with and make your own.

Make sure you have inspiration pictures of the shade you like, so you and your stylist are visualizing the same thing you want to go for.

If this is your first time experimenting with daring colors. Start small with just the tips of your hair or some babylights,

then go from there up for the perfect balayage you’ve wanted. Good luck!

36/ MERMAID HAIR BALAYAGE (credits: @hairbyshelleyx)

This hair is stunning – very unicorn-like. This hair is efficiently created, and if you play your cards right, it could this is super easy, and when touching up your color,

make sure to add conditioner to the shimmering shades you used before to dilute them down. A little tip will make them look more pastel and powdery!

Blue and purple balayage gives you a beautiful and trendy hue created with a technique that enables the shades to blend perfectly. Straight hair lets the dye take the front stage and show off the handiwork of this superb method.

37/ YELLOW BALAYAGE ON BRUNETTES (credits: @Himanshuamritsar)

Are you looking for unique hair colors to follow nowadays?

No need to worry at all. This shade of yellow for natural brown hair is fantastic! One way to draw attention to your favorite facial features is to concentrate your coloring in the front.

Incorporate the same hues throughout for consistency, but use a more heavy hand on the shorter layers around your face. Work along with your stylist to find the perfect way to make your strands stand out.


A feminine swirl of purple and pink hair will make you feel like a princess …

Pastel pink mates beautifully with uber light blonde hair to create an ethereal look. This look is just perfect if you have a problem with going for bold colors.

A softer shade of colors (pastel) is what you need to become charming the next time you step in the salon.

39/ SUNSHINE NATURAL BEIGE (credits: @Majorhairstudio)

If the latest hairstyles aren’t your style, how about the new beige blonde colors? Beige blonde is a lovely shade that’s soft and feminine, especially on long hair.

The roots of this impressive hairstyle are light-brown with golden tones, adding a little warmth. And long, deep waves show-off a beautiful blend of beige blondes highlighted with touches of white and finished off with ash balayage!

40/ ELECTRIC AZUL BALAYAGE (credits: @Carolaolmedoestilista)

Electric blue is a color that is often considered close to cyan, and which represents the color of lightning, an electric spark,

includes the shades of blue that are metaphorically “electric” under being “intense” or remarkably “vibrant.” Far away from dull colors, this dye will keep everyone surprised by your daring style and pick of colors. You will fall in love with it!

41/ PEARLY BLONDE BALAYAGE (credits: @Mallorygilstrap)

One of the virtues of blonde hair is that there are so many variations of that shade. These are the Sandy pearly blonde that you may want to try.

A pearlescent shade of blonde? That doesn’t just sound like a good idea – it is, especially for young women, one of the best colors to go after!

42/ BEIGE BLONDE BALAYAGE (credits: Beautyybydaisy)

No two blondes are alike when it comes to hair color, varying from cold ashes to warm honey, and the latest buzz in the blonde world is one we honestly didn’t see coming.

Beige blonde, a hyper-specific type of the ash-blonde trend we saw in a few years ago, has been showing up on celebs like Brie Larson and Julianne Hough. It has been working its way into our color-happy hearts.

Consider going for an ombre or somber lighting process, wheat, champagne, or mother of pearl toner or glaze, when hitting up the salon for this dye for the first time.

Before committing to the color switch, you’d be wise also to consider your skin tone and eye color when deciding upon a shade. Although the look is trendy, it’s best for those with soft pink, fair neutral, or calm skin tone.

Eye color plays a big role too,” “Green, blue, or hazel eye color gets the best results!” show your colorist pictures of your hair goals and listen to his or her suggestions.

It is crucial to know what colors work best for you, after all!

43/ CARAMEL AND VANILLA (credits: @Dvcolour)

This shade of blonde will be a delicious choice for brunettes who do want to stick to medium light blonde hair but would instead prefer a low maintenance balayage that still offers the look and all the virtues of blonde locks.

As stated earlier, one of the main things to remember when rocking blonde is to be aware of your complexion and what hues complement it.

For brunettes, brown hair with streaks of light brown and lighter blonde will work great and won’t really need to update when the roots grow out.

44/ ASH BROWN BALAYAGE (credits: @Hair.by.suzi)

Every hair color can works with a balayage – dark hair included. It’s about finding the right shade to complement your natural locks and the vibe you’re craving.

If you need something a little more subdued and understated, go with an ashen brown to lighten up your look a bit.

45/ RED MAROON (credits: @Josh.does.hair)

Those red maroon cupcakes you love to devour can now be channeled in your hair, and the result is just as delectable.

Pick a rich shade of red maroon that blends out nicely in a pretty balayage effect. Can you say, “yummy?”

46/ HONEY AND CARAMEL BALAYAGE (credits: @Eduardostyle)

Warm caramel and honey balayage give you texture and life to your dark brown color as pictured here. It’s a great example of how color can vary throughout long hair and even short hair and still look natural.

Now that you have some hair color inspiration. Anyone who has naturally light brown hair (or desires light brown hair, for that matter), take note. That’s the latest sun-kissed balayage look.

It’s another look that’s caramel and honey blonde highlights throughout this client’s loose waves.

47/ PASTEL DREAMY LOOK (credits: @Pulpriot.uk)

The more length your hair has, the more room and possibility you have to blend unique colors and let them expose their beauty.

This picture shows a mixture of both cold and warm tones with purple, blue, pink, and pastel green hair. Style your hair in loose curls so that the colors swirl together and give you a fresh and gorgeous appearance!

48/ BURNT SIENNA (credits: @Balayageartists)

Want a look that’s multidimensional and unique? Then you’ll want to take into consideration burnt sienna color. If you haven’t noticed this hair color, it contains auburn and gold highlights over a brown base.

The look also includes hints of burgundy within the base.

Quite frankly, this look is best attained at a salon, due to the enormous amount of different colors going on. The auburn and gold highlights are very wispy and distributed.

It would take a lot of expertise with foils to get this look just right. Unless you’re courageous and resourceful with your hair dye, your best option is to pick a burnt sienna style and head right away to the salon.

49/ MELTED METALLICS (credits: @Balayageartists)

Silver hair has remarked a massive rise in popularity in recent years due to its sheer flexibility.

The possibilities are endless

Why not get the absolute best of both worlds and go for striking, dark metallic roots, smudged without effort into softer, icier gradients for a melting effect that will get everyone lusting for your hair color.

Or compliment a smoky eye with a silver, icy hair color this winter for maximum style points, or even contrast a more natural rose look with some lilac metal lights to keep your look luminous. Speak with your colorist to discover endless metallic opportunities & remember to maintain your look regularly

50/ GOLDEN HONEY BALAYAGE FOR BRUNETTES (credits: @Eduardostyle)

Any lady with light colored eyes will look radiant with honey brown hair.

But not just any honey brown, but a rich, profound version, with warm undertones. You can also throw in some lowlights for a glamourous effect.

If you’re ready to show off your new tan or you want to bring out your eye color, golden honey brown is the ideal shade for you.

It’s undoubtedly one of the warmest tones you can bring out, and it’s perfect for highlighting any woman’s beauty.

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