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Simple Hairdos For Long Hair

 Cute simple hairdos for long straight hair

Simple Hairdos For Long Hair

Simple Hairdos For Long Hair

Hairdos or haircuts for women with long hair

Do your long straight hair? You might not get stuck with hairstyle for you. Make an experiment with variety hairstyle that will look best on you. Long straight hair style is versatility because you can try with different hairstyle.

There are many hairstyle you can create that work best on your long straight hair. There are many ways to make your hair definitely different than other hair commonly. Get the perfect appearance with the hair style below. Simple but still cute and flatter your appearance.  In this site, we will share you cute simple hairdos for your hair type you can definitely try.  Here are

–          Curls

When you feel bored with your common long hair, consider to create curly. This is simple and cute hair style will work best for long hair. You can create curls in the ends of your hair or create full curls. A curl is nice style for everyday life. This is also suitable for any occasion. There are many ways to create curls style. You can use a wide barrel curling iron or with braided. When curling your hair, start from the tip and work toward the root. If you want to waves in your hair, curl with curling iron and then separate the curls with your finger. If you do not want use curling iron, you can start with braided your hair. Braid throughout the hair with basic braided. Leave it on about 6-7 hours and then you can remove the hair tie. Spread the hairspray for lasts curls style.

–          Bone straight

Show off your beautiful long hair down. Use a heavy duty straightener to create a long, straight hairstyle. Creating this hairstyle is an easy and simple, but it might get it your face from time to time.  You no need to spend much time to creating. All you need is a heavy duty straightener. And to prevent that, you can wear a hair band. To start, you can start to take your hair in section and start from root to tip.

–          Updo

Easy Medium-Long Hair Styles

Easy Medium-Long Hair Styles

You might not get stuck for hairstyling your long hair. You may have the ideas that nothing will look good on you, but you would be surprised to know simple hairstyle like updo. Updo is the best hairstyle for long straight hair. Updo hairstyle also will keep your face from your hair time to time while you do activities. To create a good looking updo for long and straight hair, brush your hair up. Decide where you want to bun positioned. Use a hair tie to create a bun. Then you can twist your hair into a bun. Use pins to secure it. In addition, you can create a ponytail hairstyle. Ponytail will flatter your appearance as well. This is the best hairstyle that is trendy for all season, suit for any occasion, suit for any hair type, and never out of fashion definitely.


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