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Larry’s Barber College

 Program of Larry s Barber College

Barber Colleges inChicago

Barber Colleges inChicago

If you are interested to deepen your insight in barbering career, you might try to attend at Larry’s barber college. Larry’s barber college is the barber and beauty school opened for all ages. It is the perfect destination to teach you many things include technique for cutting hair and many more.

Larry’s barber college is located in Chicago. It was very successful.  Larry’s barber college Opened for men and women who want to deepen their passion in the barber program. At this place, you will learn many things teach by professional staff.

Larry’s barber college opened for young men and women that they can be successful and that they do not have to rely on the negativity in the streets. Larry’s barber college not only teaches you about barbering but also hairstyling, color, and more. They are offer you two different program include stylist program and teachers program. Attend the class that suits to your passion. Here are the programs of Larry’s barber college

–          Stylish program

Barber School Bloomington Illinois

Barber School Bloomington Illinois

Stylish program consist of 1350 clock hours of practical application and 150 clock hours of theory. The practical includes shaving, hairstyling, chemical application, color, razors, clippers and shear cutting.

For the theory program are include professional image, anatomy, chemistry, history of barbering, and many others.

–          Teachers program

This is another program provide for you. Teacher program consist of 1000 clock hour of theory and practical for 3 years and under 600 clock hours for over 3 years. The training program includes method of teaching and school management, theory of barbering, practice of barbering, and many more.

If you are interested to attend at Larry’s barber college, sign up today. You can start to registration by online for pre registration. You can fill out the form registration by online. Find out at www.larrysbarbercollege.com. Click the register and you can start to fill out the form.

Barber Schools in Chicagoland

Barber Schools in Chicagoland

Registration by online is a pre registration for Larry’s barber college. Fill out the form and someone from their office will call your to complete the registration and to discuss your payment options. Make sure you click on the financial aid tab to see if you qualify for financial aid.

The financial aid is providing for everyone. You might get the financial aid if you meet the requirement. Larry’s barber college is proud to announce that now they offer you financial aid at 10456 souths Halsted only for those who qualify. All eligible students can now apply for financial aid and receive grants and loans. Click on the “apply now” button. Find out at http://www.larrysbarbercollege.com/financial_aid.php.

Larry's Barber Shop

Larry’s Barber Shop

For the requirements and tuitions, Larry’s barber college offers you for variation class. For more complete information, you can check Larry’s barber college site, or come directly at 10456 S Halsted st Chicago, IL 60628, at phone number 773-779-2100. For the detail of pricing include Tuition – $9.750.00, Supplies – $550.00, Registration fee- $300.00 = Total $10.600.00.



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