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How To Make Pew Bows For Wedding

 How to make pew bows for wedding on church

Making Wedding Bows

Making Wedding Bows

The aisle is a focal point when the bride and groom walk to the altar. When it comes to wedding day, the aisle always filled with a variety of decorations such as flowers and pew bow.

In the aisle, you can see lot of pew bows. Pew bows is a great addition to any wedding. Pew bows is a great addition which can be a lovely way to decorate the seats of the church as well as accent your walk down the aisle.

Decorate the aisle with decorative pew bows can you create itself. Adding a bow to chairs can really make a big impact on your wedding decorations. Use some creative items to use in the church’s décor as you desire. Special hooks that will look damage the pews are available at craft store.

Discount Wedding Pew Bows

Discount Wedding Pew Bows

Making the pew bows can be fun. It is also easy to create. With our tutorial, you can make it happen. Our tutorial will teach you step of making beautiful pew bows. We will take you step by step in order you can make it as we do. Here are

–          Things you will need to start include 2 inch wide ribbon, scissor, tulle roll, twist ties, glue, pew hooks, and silk flower.

–          For the first things you have to do, cut a 10 foot length of tulle into 6 inch high roll of tulle.

–          Next, you can fold the tulle in half. Fold that in half two more times. Wrap a foil covered twist tie around the center of the folded tulle.

–          Pulling the loops into the shape of a circle. Carefully when you pull so the loops of tulle do not slip out from the twist tie.

–          And then, cut two length of ribbon to 2 feet in length. Fold each length in half and secure the ends together with tape.

–          Place the ribbons loops on the top of the tulle circle. Crossing over each other to form an x.

–          Fold a second 10 foot length of tulle the same as the first. Secure it and pull into a circle. Lay it on top of the first layer of tulle.

–          Create two more ribbon loops and position them on the top of the bow layers in a second X shape. Rotate them so the gaps between the first set of ribbons.

Looking for Church Pews

Looking for Church Pews

–          And then, wrap a second twist tie around the center of the entire stack of tulle and ribbon. Secure all layers together with twist the tie closed on the back of the stack.

Making Church Pew Bows

Making Church Pew Bows,

–          We are almost done; place a pew with a silk rose or other flower. Use real flowers by placing the stems inside floral water pick. Glue a flower to the center of the pew bow. Loop the twist tie over a pew hook. And it is ready to adding on chairs.




How to make pew bows for wedding

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