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How To Make Boutique Style Hair Bows

 How to make layered boutique style hair bows

Layered boutique hair bow is the hair accessories that will look good on kid’s hair. Little girls look so cute in bows. Layered Boutique hair bows can be prices to purchase. By making them itself it is a good choice. You also will achieve the same look.

Making the hair bows can be fun. It is also easy to create. All you need a few items you have. If you do not already have the supplies at home, you can pick them up at a craft store.

How to Make a Hair Bow

How to Make a Hair Bow

Through this tutorial you can make it happen. This tutorial will teach you each step of making beautiful layered boutique style hair bow. We will take you step by step in order you can make as we do.

To create layered boutique style hair bow, you can start prepare a button, barrette, and 7/8 inch ribbon in three colors or patterns.

Prepare this supply to support your project. And then you can start another step

DIY Boutique Hair Bows

DIY Boutique Hair Bows

  1. Step one; cut two pieces of 7/8 inch ribbon into 4 ½ inch grosgrain. And cut three pieces of 7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon in a different color to 6 inches. And cut three pieces of 7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon in a third color into 6 inches.
  2. Step two; spike the ends of the shorter lengths of ribbon by folding one end at the bottom inch. And then snipping the folded corner. Continue this process both ends of both shorter ribbons.
  3. Next step, layer the two shorter, place the spiked ribbon on top, crossing them into a narrow X shape. Tie together by sewing in the center with a needle and thread.
  4. And then, fold the longer pieces of ribbon into a loop. Pinch the loop closed with the loose ends crossing in the center. Push this pinched loop onto a T pin through the center.
  5. Next, continue step 4 with the other long pieces. Making each loop progressively smaller and push onto the same pin. This process makes a stack of smaller and smaller pinched ribbon loops on the pins.
  6. And then, you can perform to sew through center of the loops. Making two sets of smaller loops on either side of the row of stitches. Sew a button to the top center of the loops. Before you start to sew, hold the spiked ribbons behind the stack of loops. You can stitch the button through the spikes as well.
  7. We are almost done; use glue to attach to barrette. Hot glue the ribbon bow to a large barrette. You can purchase the hot glue from craft stores near you.
  8. Boutique Hair Bow Tutorial

    Boutique Hair Bow Tutorial

Follow the step by step to easily you making the layered boutique style hair bows. You can use this hair bow on your kid’s hair. The kids will look cute with this decorative hair accessory. Hair bow is great accessories will suitable at any hair length and for all occasion.

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