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High School Drop Out Facts

 High school drop out facts and statistics

Facts About Dropping Out

Facts About Dropping Out

Too many children are leaving school before graduation. Drop out occur do not just have problem personally. There are many factors why drop out can occur to high school student. Actually, it is not entirely wrong of students, but also because there is another reason in external and external.

However, for the most reason the drop out face higher rates of prison time due to criminal activities. Almost half of high school student has been to drop out because they build a gang it is gang trouble that can’t be tolerances for the school committee. That cases is one of sample why drop out occur.

Teen Advice Information Sheet About Dropping Out of School

Teen Advice Information Sheet About Dropping Out of School

There are many facts has not been described at above, so, we will describe in below this. The fact we get from many reliable sources. These facts we collect from several source include wall street journal, national center for education statistics, alliance for excellent education, US department of education, and NPR.

–          The drop out occur in united states about 75 percent of criminals

–          A quarter of high school freshman fail to graduate on time

–          The welfare. There are some of parent has not enough money to send their children to school until finish. Cause this condition, the government should help the student that is not in lucky

Student Dropout Facts

Student Dropout Facts

–          Over half of the student who leave school every year

–          Another facts were due to a pregnancy

Here are the data statistics for the high school dropout in United States

–          Percent of Americans with a high school diploma – 85,3%

–          Number of high school student who drop out each day – 8,300

–          Percent of united states jobs a high school dropouts is not eligible for – 90%

–          Total number of high school dropouts annually – 3,030,000

–          Percent of all drop outs that happen in the ninth grade – 36%

–          Percentage of Hispanic dropouts that were due to a pregnancy – 41%

–          Percent of student who repeat the ninth grade that go on to graduate – 15%

–          Percent on student in the largest 50 United states that graduate high school – 59%

–          Amount of money a high school graduate will earn more than a drop out – $260,000

–          Percent of black drop outs that have spent time in prison – 60%

–          Percent of united states that committed by a high school dropout – 75%


Based the facts above, we can conclude there are internal and external factor causes the drop out occur. The parent should monitor their children in order to avoid this case. This case occur cause lack of parental monitoring.

In addition, the school committee also should contribute in the additional of material about to avoid the criminal either in inside or outside of school environment.

High-School Dropout Statistics

High-School Dropout Statistics,

And then, the participation of the government is needed. The government should give the fast action to help the students who are not in lucky. They government should provide the financial aid for her or his further education.





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