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Hairstyles And Colors For Long Hair

 Trend hairstyle and colors for long hair in 2013

Trendy Hair Color and Styles

Trendy Hair Color and Styles

What is next in 2013? Every year there is always something new with hairstyle. Hairstyle is always becoming the hottest conversation when a year began to change. So, what is hottest in 2013?

Definitely, many people want to look new in New Year. When it comes to hair style, you will find some great hairstyle through this article. Find more inspiration what the best hairstyle will look best on you. Here are trend hairstyle and colors in 2013 that will suit for long hair

–          Go to pastel color

Fun Colors for Long Hair

Fun Colors for Long Hair

Change hair color is a great idea when you want to transform your hair without change the hair length. The only ways to find a new look by transform your common hair. In 2013, it is all about something a bright color. Be the trendsetter by choosing a pastel color. Pastel color comes in many range of color to you choose from. Pick the right color that suits to your skin tone and your preference. The fashion of pastel color that we predict in 2013 is purple color. You can transform your hair in this color. But make sure you choose the right shade. Ask the professional to help you deciding the best shade for you.

–          Styling with a braids and twists

Do your long hair? Play up your hair with braids and a twist. This is the hottest hairstyle in 2013. We predict an increased demand for a beautiful braid is in simple but still look cute. Braids will be perfect to wear in every occasion and will work well on long hair. Messy braid is good trend in 2013.

–           Red hair color

2013 is not talking about pastel, but also popular with red hair color. This style we see continuing into 2013. Red hair color comes in variety of shades from bright to dark enough. Some people want to go with a red, copper reds, fiery reds, and maybe a mixture of all three.

–          Long hair with bangs

Hair Color Ideas Long Hair

Hair Color Ideas Long Hair

Another 2013 hair trend that will remain popular in 2013 is bangs. Bangs never go out fashion and always up to date all the time. Try a new hair trend like bangs. The demand of bangs in 2013, both soft and edgy will continue to be on the rise.

–          Let it sleek, smooth long hair with deep side and middle parts

Many celebrities create this hairstyle in 2013. It is simple but still looks stylish and sexy. The middle parts already comeback in 2013 of course this long hair trend look was to follow. If you have long hair, do not change your natural straight hair.

–          Ombre hair color

New Trendy Hair Colors

New Trendy Hair Colors

Ombre becomes the most popular hair color trend in 2013. With so many various options out there for ombre, this hair trend can still be different and fun to do. ombre with long hair will work well on you. Pick the right shade that will flatter your appearance.




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