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Hair Dye Colors For Brown Hair

 The right hair dye colors for brown hair

Brown Color Hair Ideas

Brown Color Hair Ideas

There are many range of hair color available in the market to you choose from. But not all these hair color will look good on you. Some women look good in any color, but it is not for you.

When it comes to change hair color, there are several things which is should be to consider. Skin tone and eye color. This is the important factor which is should be to consider when you want to change hair color. This factor is the role play for the result.

Best Brown Hair Color Dye

Best Brown Hair Color Dye

In addition, hair color also will determine the result. You should consider what the color of your hair. Do not choose the color far away from your natural color. Keep in mind, your based hair color should complement with a new color you have chosen.

If you have brown hair, consider going lighter or at least having some highlights painted or foiled in. avoid choosing super dark shades because it can wash out your hair color. And even make you appear older.

Complement your brown hair with something light is good idea. You can’t go wrong with these hair colors because it will appear a great looking. Highlight is great. Before you highlight your hair, knowing what shades will work best with your hair.

Here are a few hair colors will look best on your brown hair

–          Caramel highlights

Incorporate shades of caramel, not much lighter than your natural color into your hair. Caramel, rather than oranges or reds will produce a subtler look. Caramel highlight also will keep the look even more natural. To create, you can start a little off the scalp so they can blend easily. To create a more natural and vibrant effect, you can use two or three different shades.

–          Warm red tones

If you have brown hair with light skin tones, you will look great with warm red tones. Stay with two levels of your natural color most likely means keeping your hair a medium brown shade. Warm red tones will look great on your hair as well as lighter strawberry tones.

–          Auburn

For those with yellow skin tones or medium skin tones, auburn are great. Go lighter with this color. Just keep it more neutral and do not go too warm or too cool as well.

–          Cool toned brunettes

Colors of Brown Hair

Colors of Brown Hair,

Another hair color will look best on brown hair is cool toned brunettes. This color will look best for those have a fair skin with blue or pink undertones. Bright, vivid colors look best on you like bright red, bright pink, white, and navy. Icy colors such as ice blue, yellow, or silver can look great on you too. You should avoid pastel colors that will only highlight your undertones but also make your coloring muddy.

–          Warm toned brunettes

Warm tones brunettes look best in rich, natural colors, including vivid oranges, deep browns, red and yellows. Avoid pastels as well as overly bright colors such as black because they may wash out the skin tone.

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