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Claire’s Hair Accessories

 Claire s hair accessories for sale

Claire's Hair Combs

Claire’s Hair Combs

For the people who hunt for hair accessories, Claire’s stores are the perfect destination for them. Claire’s store is the right place for the seeker who is looking for hair accessories with a wide selection.

At Claire’s stores you will find a wide selection of hair accessories with a variety designs that you will never find at another store. With a large selection, we are sure you will find the perfect item that suits you.

Claire’s stores are one of the world’s leading specialty retailers of fashionable jewelry and accessories for young women, teens, kids, and tweens and operates in 41 countries. They provide you a large selection of items for just about any age.  All items they carry are unique so that you will never find them at another store.

Claire’s stores offer a differentiated and fun store experience with a treasure hunt setting that encourages the customer to visit often and explore to find the merchandise that appeals to her. All items are available in an assortment of fashionable products that help young women say something about themselves.

Hair Clair

Hair Clair

No doubt when shopping at Claire’s stores there’s a good chance they have everything that you are looking for. Shop for some unique jewelry only at Claire’s stores. There are so many collections available for you within different categories. You are free to choose the right one that can help you express yourself.

With so many items, you can easily find the one that is suitable with your costume. You can choose the item that matches your costume and wear it on every occasion. Make your appearance look interesting by wearing something that can appeal to you.

In addition, if you shop at Claire’s stores you will find special offers. If you buy one you can get another 50% off hair accessories. Definitely, you will love to shop at Claire’s stores. Not only you, but a lot of teens, tweens and kids chosen this as a favorite shopping destination. The target customer is a girl between 3-18 years old with a particular focus on a core demographic of girls between 10-14 years old.

Here are a few of Claire’s hair accessories available for you.


–          Flower bouquet stretch head wrap at a price $5.25

–          Mint green lace head wrap at a price $6.50

Clair Hair Wigs

Clair Hair Wigs

–          Turban style head wrap at a price $5.50

–          Neon pink lace floral head wrap $6.50

–          Pearly floral crochet head wrap at a price $6.50

–          Braided rope stretch head wrap set of 2 at a price $4.50

–          Floral chiffon bow head wrap at a price $7.50

–          Oversized lace bow hair clip at a price $6.50

–          Oversized lace bow hair clip at a price $6.50

–          Pearls and chains hair swag at a price $10.50

–          Ring o daisies headband at a price $8.50

–          Mesh and lace flower hair clip at a price $4.50

–          Glitter flower headband at a price $5.50

Claire's Hair Bows

Claire’s Hair Bows

These are a few hair accessories available. For a more complete collection, find out www.claires.com. Find the item that will flatter your appearance.

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