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Beauty Contest Pros And Cons

 Child Beauty Contest Pros And Cons


Child Beauty Pageants - Pros and Cons

Child Beauty Pageants – Pros and Cons

The Cons of Beauty Contests

The concept of beauty contest for child is meant to bring out the fun. However, child beauty contest get a lot of pros and cons are both numerous. Child beauty contest are like just about everything else. There is good and bad things you have to know. Here are

The bad things about child beauty contests

–          The beauty contests are not always dangerous as they are portrayed in the media. The parents of the contestant often go out of their way to help their children for the preparation.

–          Actually not all beauty contests require wearing clothes that inappropriate for a young child. Many beauty contests also allow a young kid to dress and acct according to their age.

–          Most common child beauty contest are well organized and cater to children needs by arranging games, recreational activities, and also snacks.

The Cons of Beauty Contests

The Cons of Beauty Contests

–          Child beauty contest are open for participants hailing from diverse cultures, so it makes the parents step out of their comfort zone and become more open minded.

–          For the winner are usually given an academic scholarship or refunds some of the expenses of the child’s academic year. It is extremely helpful to her further education.

–          The participating in the competition helps the children overcome their stage fright. So, the children able to express through their dancing, singing, and communication skill. It is the added value of a competition.

–          The children learn how to maintain coordinal relationship with fellow contestants, understand the importance of friendly competition.

–          The children will meet so many contestants becoming close friendship.

Beauty Contests

Beauty Contests

The good things about child beauty contests

–          The participating in the beauty contests deprives the children of their childhood and makes them eager t grow up. This can make them imitate the habits of adults and act inappropriately for their age.

–          The children who participate this beauty contest are more likely to act snobbish and superior with other kids of their own age group.

–          When it comes to beauty contest, there is a lot of pressure on the children to perform according to the standard. It is most likely to get frustration or losing several times can lead to depression and other psychological complications. This effect can be disastrous on the child’s mind and also body.

–          The competition must a participating with a foundation, fake eyelashes, mascara, bright lipstick shades. This is unfitting for a young child.

–          The child has to spend several hours practicing and rarely ever gets a chance to play. The practice sessions to enter a pageant are grueling.

–          The clothes that wear for participant are not meant for children. Revealing swimming costume such as evening gown and bikinis are inappropriate for children.

What are some of the pros and cons of child beauty contests

What are some of the pros and cons of child beauty contests

–          The competitions are quite expensive. You have to prepare sufficient budget if you want to enter your children to beauty contest. The expenses include fees for training program, participation, hair and makeup services by a professional, and also accommodation.


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