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1960 hairstyle for women

 How To Do 1960 Hairstyle For Women

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1940s Short Hairstyles for Women

When we talk about 1960’s era, it is identical with curls hair style. Women wore the curls style with different hair length. You can get 60’s hair style if you want. The first thing you should know is what the most popular hair style in 1960.

When you want to create your hairstyle into 60’s era, you will find several styles. That is including the bouffant style and the hippie style. Those are the most popular hairstyle will look great in 1960’s era. If you want to create this hairstyle, we will share you the tutorial to easily in creating this hairstyle. Let’s check these out

  1. The bouffant hairstyle

The most popular hairstyle in 1960’s era is the bouffant. The bouffant was featured an excessive hump at the crown with backcombed hair around the head. The bouffant hairstyle is the type of hairstyle gave the wearer an air of glamour. These hairstyles are also known as the bubble. The bouffant are comes in different looking depend on style you use.

–          The first step you have to do is part of your hair into two sections. Divide the hair into two section, back and front section.

–          Use a comb to create a high ponytail from back section. Part the front of your hair into two sections.

–          Backcomb ponytail and smoothing the top layer with bristle brush. Use hair clip to secure the smoothed ponytail.

–          Flip ponytail forward and then hold it in a horseshoe shape. Then you can create a rounded shade by flip hair back over and fold around. Hold at the center back and continue on left side, top area, and right side.

–          Secure the sides with bobby pins and neat it with comb.

–          Take the one side and bring front section. Leave strands of hair free. Backcomb this section, smooth with brush, and spray it. Pull it back and sweeps it around the bun. Use hairgrips to secure it better.

–          Continue this process on the other side.

–          Curls the little strands of hair free for make it look cute.

  1. The hippie hairstyle

Another hairstyle remains popular in 1960’s era is the hippie hairstyle. Same as the bouffant, the hippie hairstyles also come in different style. There are some simple and easy hippie hairstyles from the 60’s era you can create.

For more simple style, you can create with simple wavy hairstyle if you want. To create this hairstyle, you do not need rolling heated or any styling product. One simple way is creating braid to your hair. For better look, create a braid while your hair is wet. And remove it when your hair has dry.

1940s Hairstyles for Black Women

1940s Hairstyles for Black Women

For another style, you can wear headbands. Headbands use for keep the hair away from their face time to time. Headband usually wear encircled the forehead and secure it with pins or tied at the back of the head. For a natural look, tuck a flower.


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