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1940 s Hairstyle For Women

 How To Create 1940 s Hairstyle For Women

You are invited to the party that requires you to dress up like in 1940. Find way to create your appearance look like in 1940. The only one of simple way to deliver your style like in 1940 is hairstyle. Creating hairstyle is best way that most likely to do to deliver your appearance look like in 1940 era.

When we talk about the past in 1940 hairstyle, it is identically with short and curly hairstyle. Short and curly hairstyle is trendy hairstyle brought by Bette Davis and Rita Hayworth. They are the famous artist in 1940’s.

That hairstyle becomes the influences in the era. With short hair it will easily you to creating this hairstyle. If you have long hair, you can transform your hairstyle into short hair. Make your appearance totally perfect look like 1940’s hairstyle.

If you want to create this hairstyle, we can show you the tutorial. This tutorial will easily you follow to create this hairstyle by taken you step by step. You can do it yourself or ask your friend to help you creating this hairstyle. So, check below this and follow step by step in order you get the hairstyle you desire. Here are

–          Thing you will need to start include large pack of bobby pins, comb, ponytail holder, and hairspray.

–          Pin the entire head in pin curls. When you do this, comb the hair out in 1 inch section and roll them around the index finger. And you can push the curls to the root of the head with your hand.

–          Next step, place two bobby pins in the hair to hold the curls. Place the first bobby pins should go straight across the middle of the curl to anchor it. And place the second should go in the hair in an angel perpendicular to the first bobby pins. The end result should make the letter X on the top of the curls.

–          Continue to the pinning the hair into curls style until the entire head. Leave this style for about 8 hours. We recommend you to do this style at night, because it will give the best result if you leave for a long time.

–          After the required setting time, remove all the pins. Remove gently and use your finger to shape the curls. This will create the basic style for creating any 40’s hairstyle.

1940s Short Hair Styles for Women

1940s Short Hair Styles for Women

–          And then, comb your hair to one side and bobby pins for a page boy look.

–          After making a side part, pull your hair into a ponytail. You can also pull your front bangs out and roll them towards your forehead. Pin them for get extra height and a cool 40’s rockabilly look.

–          We are almost done, hairspray your hair after you have decided your look. Spray your hair to hold the style all together and long last for a long time.

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