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How to Safely Dye Your Hair Purple

Hair coloring can be a great way to drastically change your overall look. Most people dyeing their hair with natural shade such as brown, black, blonde, or red.  How about vibrant hair color?

Purple is one of the vibrant hair shades. You can easily find some hair color products that offer purple hair dye such as Punky Color and Manic Panic. You can add a noticeable purple shade on your hair with the necessary items and right techniques. Good luck!

How to Safely Dye Your Hair Purple: all the things you will need

  1. 1.       Purple hair dye
  2. 2.       Petroleum jelly
  3. 3.       Hair color brush
  4. 4.       Hair color bowl
  5. 5.       Shampoo
  6. 6.       Latex gloves
  7. 7.       Hair powder bleach
  8. 8.       Towels
  9. 9.       Water

How to Safely Dye Your Hair Purple: The steps

  1. 1.       Before coloring, it is better to do a patch test with the purple dye. Choose a small piece of hair in the upper forearm. First, wash it with soap and water. Apply a bit purple hair dye and let it for 24 hours. The hair dye should be safe to use on your hair, if no irritation of the piece of skin occurs.
  2. 2.       Protect your cloth from the purple dye by wearing an old towel around your shoulders. You should also protect the work surface with an old towel.
  3. 3.       Before applying the purple hair dye, you should apply a little amount of petroleum jelly around your hairline, around the hairline on your neck and behind your ears. If the hair dye smears or dips onto your neck, ears, or face, the petroleum jelly can act as a barrier between it and your skin.
  4. 4.       Use latex gloves to cover your hands while mixing. Grab a hair color bowl and put one tablespoon of hair powder bleach and two tablespoons of shampoo. Mix them with a hair color brush.
  5. 5.       Apply the mixture on your hair. Gently massage it throughout your hair until it completely covers your entire hair.
  6. 6.       While working the mixture throughout your hair, it is right for you to stand in front of mirror.
  7. 7.       Once you have lightened your hair and it becomes blonde, rinse the hair thoroughly. You may need to reapply the bleach mixture, if your hair is not lightened.
  8. 8.       Remove excess moisture by using a clean towel.
  9. 9.       Put on a new pair of latex gloves on your hand and grab a new hair color bowl. Put the purple hair dye into it.
  10. 10.   Separate half inch sections of your hair by using the end of the hair color brush. And then, apply the purple hair dye onto each section of your hair.
  11. 11.   Allow the hair to completely absorb the purple hair dye for approximately 15 minutes.
  12. 12.   Use water to rinse out the hair dye from your hair. When your hair is dyed purple or any wild color, it is better for you to wait 24 hours before shampooing and conditioning.

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