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Using Biotin Without An Overdose

The vitamin B-complex or commonly what is usually known as Biotin is the water-soluble vitamin that was discovered in the early twentieth century. Besides, it is really essential in the glucose and fatty acids formation that can back up the energy production in our body. It is also required in the process of metabolizing our body; where the carbohydrates and amino acids will be metabolized into enzymes which aid to keep up the energy into running our daily activities.

Biotin Suppliments

Biotin Suppliments

 The cells in our body require Biotin to maintain the overall health of the body. A Biotin deficiency sometimes comes to us when we really lack of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and protein. The way to prevent this is to eat a diet that is well and balanced.

Along Side It Aftereffects of Biotin Overdose

Along Side It Aftereffects of Biotin Overdose

The symptoms that usually appear when people have a biotin deficiency are brittle nails, hair loss, muscular pains and low metabolism. The one thing that you should know is that being Biotin deficient for a prolonged time is able to bring hair loss, skin rashes, heart problems and high cholesterol.

The overdose of taking biotin

The opposite of a Biotin Deficiency is a Biotin overdose. This kind of problem is just as dangerous to your body and easily prevented, particularly when the supplements of Biotin are available for sale at Over-The-Counter drug stores and pharmacies. Based on the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance), an adult’s daily dosage is about 20-30 micrograms for the intake of the vitamins, while young children should be around 5-12 micrograms a day for the vitamin intake.

This vitamin B-7 overdose is rare and a serious complication is quite unlikely to be caused, and the effect can be seen in a person that’s overdosing on biotin supplements for a long time. One of the effects of a biotin overdose is the health risks that come to people such as those with liver problems, pregnant women, people with kidney and people with a seizures history. Based on these cases, they should be warned about their biotin intake under the medical supervision or health practitioner.

The symptoms of a biotin overdose

Just for your information, a biotin overdose will not cause serious health implications as a biotin deficiency, due to the fact that it is filtered out of the body through the liver and flushed out of your system. The side effects of this kind of problem only can be seen after someone takes biotin supplements for a long time.

The lack of evidence on the biotin overdose probably well suggest the prevention is better than a cure, and when following the recommended biotin intake, someone has to choose to be on the safe side. Additionally, the prescribed versions of biotin supplements have to be taken according to prevent an overdose or deficiency.

How much biotin do you take

How much biotin do you take

The right time to take biotin supplements

People who consume raw egg whites everyday are able to interfere with this vitamin absorption that can cause the deficiency. Some who are suffering because of this deficiency may experience skin problems, hair loss, brittle nails, lethargy, insomnia, lowered immunity, low metabolism and so on.

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