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Biotin And Hair Growth

If we, as women, talk about the biotin and hair, we could talk for days! Yes, that can’t be ignored, because women and hair are two united subjects which can’t be separated. And that goes for biotin also. Biotin and hair is a good couple with the symbiosis mutualism system.

biotin faster hair growth

biotin faster hair growth

 As people know, biotin is one of the vitamins that has important role that brings plenty nutrients and protein to promote your hair for growing and hair maintainance. Yeast and bacteria are two components that create biotin. People produce biotin in their bodies naturally, then the production can be used for other different things such as the strength of bones, muscles and tissues. But for hair, biotin is used to grow your hair and new skin cells. The result by taking biotin for your hair is very necessary, because it can make your hair grow thick, long and smooth.

biotin black hair growth

biotin black hair growth

The Biotin Deficiency

A Biotin Deficiency is a rare nutritional disorder that may become serious, and even fatal if it’s untreated. A Biotin deficiency rarely happens among healthy people because the daily needs of the biotin are minimal. The deficiency happens when people consume raw egg whites in a large number in the period of a few months of the year.

For hair growth, especially, the most frequent side-effect for someone who has a biotin deficiency is hair loss. That is the reason biotin can work to stop hair loss or encourage new hair growth. The other signs if someone has a biotin deficiency are depression, brittle fingernails, and chronic fatigue and so on.

To stop all of this, you may need a supplement that will stop the hair loss which can make suffer. Another way is taking natural materials, like consuming certain foods which are very rich in biotin.



Here are the tips for hair growth and the facts you should know about biotin:

  1. Those that experience hair loss need to see the doctor to consult the proper physician and be checked for a biotin deficiency. They should take the proper dosage of biotin supplements if a biotin deficiency is detected. The normal biotin dosages that can be taken daily are 2,500 mcg, 5,000 mcg and 10,000 mcg.
  2. Naturally, our body synthesizes biotin from the food we consume. It’s only when we don’t take in the proper nutrition where the body fails from producing the biotin that is needed for healthy hair growth.
  3. Keratin is the protein which makes the hair. That’s why, taking biotin is also adding to this protein.
  4. There’s no side effect in taking biotin for hair growth. Precisely, it helps to make your hair grow in strength, so it’s obviously 100% good for the body.
  5. The natural sources of the biotin including pork, cauliflower, raspberries, fish, egg yolks, cheese, soybeans and wheat bread.

So, if you are experiencing hair loss, thinning of hair, or another hair problem, you should immediately take this treatment to grow you hair again and keep it healthy by taking biotin regularly.

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