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The Benefits of Taking Biotin

Biotin is usually referred to as vitamin H, which is a part of the B complex vitamin group. The importance of Vitamins B is to be able to help the body to change food (carbohydrates) into fuel (glucose) where they produce the energy that’s very useful for our body.

The foods which are rich in biotin are butter, cheese, egg yolk, cauliflower, sardines, nuts and brewer’s yeast. Naturally, biotin is produced in the intestine. Even though biotin is already there in many kinds of foods, it can be decreased with methods of cooking and processing. It’s recommended that you should take or consume foods with less processing to get the most of the vitamins in biotin. It’s best to take it in the amount of only 300 mcg, which is easily reachable in most foods.

benefits of taking b12

benefits of taking b12

Here Is 5 benefits of biotin:

  • Biotin makes your hair and nails become stronger

Actually there is less support of biotin’s effect on hair growth, and the opposite is that there are more facts to support a biotin deficiency. But we do know is that the vitamin helps to thicken the nail cuticle and can help avoid breakage.

benefits of taking Biotin

benefits of taking Biotin

  • Helps to lose weight

Biotin significantly supports the metabolic function and works as a co-enzyme for helping the break down food, especially carbohydrates. Then, this reaction is accelerated when pairing biotin with chromium. When people consume biotin, the resting metabolic rate is raised and the break down of food becomes faster, and this is the reason why there’s a link in accelerating weight loss. Pairing the supplement with healthy food and getting plenty of exercise is important to make sure that you meet your slim-down goals.

  • Improve skin health

Having a biotin deficiency can a variety of skin problems, such as acne, dermatitis, rashes, psoriasis and overall itchiness. The B vitamins hold an important role in the nervous system function and affect the hormone function. People are suggested to nourish their skin from the inside and out in order to prevent the forming of the toxics throughout the nervous system and put itself on the surface of the skin.

  • To lower cholesterol

It’s already known that biotin has a pivotal role in lowering cholesterol. As we all know, high cholesterol is one of the most dangerous health risks that can increase your risk for a stroke and heart attack. According to preliminary research,  biotin is also able to reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Just for your information, consuming raw eggs or drinking them in a shake is not good for you, because it can hamper the absorption and reduce the amount of the biotin when it’s metabolizing in your body. So, beware.

  • health benefits of taking biotin

    health benefits of taking biotin

    •  Manage your blood sugar

When you take biotin, it’s immediately associated with helping to prevent and fight diabetes. A greater effect will be shown if combined with chromium. Based on a study that’s conducted at the Alpha therapy center in Corpus Christi, Texas, it’s found that “a chromium picolinate or biotin combination is able to improve the control of glycaemic in overweight to obese individuals with diabetes type 2, particularly the patients with less control of glycaemic on oral therapy”.

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