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The Review Of Biotin

The Definition of Biotin

Biotin is known as the B-7 vitamin with the essential nutrients which are naturally able to be found in foods such as eggs, cauliflowers, cucumber and brewer’s yeast. As we all know that the B vitamins hold an important role in the human body. The aim of B vitamins is to help metabolize the energy and act as a coenzyme in the reaction of chemical which produces the energy in the body. Here, the Biotin acting as a carbon dioxide carrier in the body process is known as the cycle of TCA. The function of biotin is to support the carbohydrates, fat and protein metabolism. So, it’s rare for someone to have biotin deficiency.

biotin acne

biotin acne

Biotin Benefits

Based on the function that’s provided by Biotin, here are the benefits that are produced by taking Biotin in your daily life

biotin review for hair growth

biotin review for hair growth

  1. You can improve your skin to be healthier than before. It will occur because the B vitamins in Biotin play a significant role in the nervous system function and affect the function of the hormone. And that’s the reason that will help you avoid the various skin problems such as acne, rashes, psoriasis and dermatitis which are caused by a Biotin deficiency. That’s why you are suggested to treat your skin from the inside and out.
  2. Another benefit of biotin is to make your hair and nails become stronger, and it can prevent them from unsightly damage and breakage.
  3. If you feel that you almost getting obese, don’t worry because biotin will help you to lose that weight because it is able to support the metabolic function and working as a coenzyme to break the food down, and if you consume this kind of vitamin, the resting metabolic rate is raised and the foods can breaks down faster. And that gives the link to biotin and accelerates the weight loss.
  4. It has been shown that Biotin has ability to lowering the cholesterol, which can be very dangerous for the human body because when it comes higher, people will can have a stroke and heart attack.

Side effects of biotin

Here are some the side effects when people take biotin:

  1. Acne will appear when someone has too much biotin in the body system which can increases the risk that’s the development of the cystic acne.
  2. A miscarriage could happen if someone takes high doses of biotin when they are trying to get pregnant, and it is able to increase the risk of miscarriage after.
  3. The interaction that occurs with anti-seizure medications, where the medication itself is the device to low the cholesterol, effectively can cause the less of medications work.  While, according to the function, biotin is very helpful to regulate the metabolism and the levels of blood sugar in human body.
biotin hair growth

biotin hair growth

Recommended dosage of Biotin

For adults, they just need to consume biotin in 30 mcg per day to help in maintaining their hair, skin and nail health. And when someone uses biotin for their hair growth, they need a much higher biotin doses. According to the doctor’s recommendation, the dosage starts between 500 and 700 mcg each day and it’s until 1000 sometimes.

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