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The Rate Of Hair Growing: Speed up hair growth

Is your hair are able to grow normally? How much in length can it grow per month? Alright, here we will give you some information about that case.

Everyone has their own kinds of hair, and they are always different each other. Some people may feel that their hair is able to grow fast, and some other feel that their hair is difficult to grow, so for those who have short hair and want to grow it out, they must wait a long time to grow it long. It all depends on the condition of their hair, if they have the healthy hair, those factors decide if the hair can grow as fast as it can.

Ways to Speed up Hair Growth

Ways to Speed up Hair Growth

Our hair grows at a rate around 1.25 centimeters per month; this growth rate is consistent over the entire head. Some factors that influence the quality and the rate of the hair growth are age, diet, and general health. Many products claim that they are able to increase the hair growth rate which is not effective even though they can encourage the stronger and the healthier development of the hair.

The human hair growth goes through the three states.

–          The first is the Anagen phase which can grow the hair actively. This kind of state is able to last from two to six years. The cells that are provided in the hair follicle divide actively and push the hair out from the head.  At any given time, most of the hair will be in this phase.

–          The second is the Catagen phase. It’s the place where the growth rate stops as the follicle grows of dormant. When the follicle begins to detach all the hair dies, then it moves into the telogen phase.

–          The last is the telogen phase which is when the hair is falling out to pave the way for the new hair that grows in.

The whole of the head is in the different stages of hair growing, and you can plan to shed 100 hair each day approximately as your head makes space for the new hair.

What Is the Average Growth Rate for Hair

What Is the Average Growth Rate for Hair

The hair growth when the conditions are normal, the rate can be 6 inches (15 cm) in each year. For older people, the hair will grow a little bit slower while the others who are influenced genetically have a faster time to grow their hair.

The normal condition is that the hair growth won’t be faster than 1 inch (2.5 cm) per month. Most people will have limits in growing their hair. You may not be able to grow your hair fast, but you can make them grow healthier, stronger and more beautiful. You just need to make it balanced by eating healthy food and adding supplements for your hair. For your information, hair is made from the kinds of protein which is called keratin, so when you increase the protein in your food that will help to make your hair grow stronger. Besides, you are able to consume gelatin and kelp tablets to promote and make your hair grow stronger. If it’s required, use the hair products to make it balanced for a better look.

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