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Coconut Oil For Hair Growth

You may have never considered that there are so many objects in this entire world which can act as multifunctional materials. And that includes the coconut. Not all people know that the coconut actually doesn’t stand only as a tree, but it can be so essential and useful to help people’s lives. The extract oil from the coconut that is taken from the kernel or meat from it’s matured state is able to be a material which helps you to make your hair grow shiny and smooth.

coconut water hair growth

coconut water hair growth

Isn’t this good news for you ladies? You don’t need to buy those other expensive materials just to make your hair look great. Besides, this material comes from nature which all people know and that it’ll always be a good thing for us and best of all it’s healthy.

Some women that already know about this news have proven that coconut oil is one of the best materials to grow your hair and make it beautiful, shiny and smooth. Pay attention of these ladies!

Why should you choose coconut oil to promote hair growth?

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

  1. It has the protein to shield your hair.

A fatty acid that’s called Lauric Acid is the major ingredient in the coconut oil that provides the protective properties. It also helps to protect the roots of hair and prevent your hair from breakage. Coconut oil can more effective to reduce the hair protein loss than minerals or sunflower oil.

1. Moisturize your hair with the seals

The oil provides the moisturizer to protect the follicles of your hair from the heat and environmental impurities. It has the ability to penetrate the hair shaft and the condition of your hair.

2. Has antifungal and antibacterial properties

Those properties give the ability to protect the scalp towards lice and dandruff and able to hinder the hair growth.

3. The nutrients that are contained in coconut oil

The nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin K and iron are the sources that will help to maintain the softness and shine of your hair. The vitamin E is effective to eradicate dandruff which causes hair loss and hinders hair growth.

4. Helps to improve the circulation on your blood

You can massage your scalp by using coconut oil to stimulate the circulation of blood. The improvement of the blood circulation in your scalp will make sure that the follicles in your hair receive the amount of the essential oxygen and nutrients. It’ll promote your hair growth.

Indulge Your Hair with Coconut Oil

Indulge Your Hair with Coconut Oil

By knowing all the benefits in the statements above, I’m pretty sure it’ll make your hair look better than by using the usual shampoos or the conditioners. And you don’t need to go to hair treatment salons just to make your hair shiny and smooth, because you can apply it at home by yourself. You can buy coconut oil in the stores near your home so it is never difficult or inconvenient to buy.

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