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The Vitamins That Help To Grow Your Hair

The Vitamins That Help To Grow Your Hair

Millions of people experience hair problems which actually not only happen to women, but they also can happen to men. But as we all know, the problems of hair can be a catastrophic problem if it happens to women, and usually not as harsh when it happens to men. It’s not because women are the most troublesome human beings in the world, but it’s because hair has become one of the most important parts of a woman’s lifestyle.

do vitamins help your hair grow

do vitamins help your hair grow

Many people who experience hair loss, dandruff or other types of damaged hair can find a way to use nutrients to make their crown back to normal again and even more stunning than before. And for those who just want to get their hair to grow healthier, thicker, and faster and fuller will also do the same. To get the optimal health and hair growth, you can choose the vitamins for your hair treatment as the best option.

There 2 kinds of vitamins which can be used for best results.

what vitamin helps your hair and nails grow

what vitamin helps your hair and nails grow

  1. The supplements of Vitamins

You might be recommended to take the vitamins from food that contain plenty of nutrients and vitamins, but is that the wrong way to choose the supplements? No, because you also can get the nutrients and vitamins from the supplements although they’re less effective than if you consume them from foods.  Different vitamins have varied functions when it comes to improving hair.

Vitamin C – it’s very beneficial because it has the effectiveness to prevent brittle strands and the breakage.

Vitamin B1 – helps to create the protein in your body that is important for your hair to be healthy. By consuming this vitamin it will also help to increase the shine and thickness in hair follicles.

Vitamin E – this is so good for growing a women’s hair and it also helps to avoid hair loss.

Minerals – iron, zinc and magnesium are also used to prevent hair loss and thinning.

Women need about 75 and 2000 milligrams of vitamin C and 18 milligrams of iron. The 15 to 1000 of vitamin E and 310 milligrams of magnesium are required to be consumed.

The Vitamins That Help To Grow Your Hair

  1. The Vitamins from Foods
what helps your hair grow

what helps your hair grow

Everything that’s natural is always good for us, especially if it’s consumed in our body. For growing hair, you can find those vitamins in the natural and fresh food. Here I will give you some foods that contains plenty of vitamins and minerals which are supplied to the body with the essential nutrients to help in preventing your hair loss, and create shinier and thicker hair.

Vitamin C – melon, berries, citrus fruits like oranges and lemons, broccoli, spinach and cabbage.

Iron – all kinds of fish and vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

Magnesium – spinach, nuts, fish, broccoli and beans.

Vitamin E – avocado, sunflower seeds, corn oil, fish.

Vitamin B1 – spinach, watermelon, soy milk and tomatoes.

Lysine – can be found in cheese, legumes, soybeans, fish, red meat and eggs.

Zinc – yogurt, cheese, dark leafy vegetables, lean proteins and lentils.

From the recommended kinds of vitamins above, you can consume one of them, but for the better result, consuming all of them is good also for you.

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