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How Fast Our Hair Can Grow?

Have you ever experience this case? You went to the hairstylist, wanted to shorten your hair but the stylist accidentally cut your hair shorter than what you expected? Maybe you got angry, disappointed, embarrassed, or even didn’t know what to do with that very short hair? Or maybe you will ask “how fast does my hair grow?”

Let me tell you that our hair has many factors in which we are able to control the growth but they highly vary from one person to another. The two key factors are our health and age in which has an important role to determine how fast our hair will grow.

You need to know that our hair is not alive actually, and it doesn’t really grow. The follicles of our hair that are placed at the base of scalp are alive and create long strands of dead cells which are called keratin. Keratin is the part of hair that is alive or strand producing the area of the hair strand root. Hair is dead, that’s why when we are cutting our hair, it doesn’t hurt, and that is also why hair doesn’t bleed when we cut it.

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

The growth of hair is different for each person

The hair from a healthy person will grow ½ an inch of hair a month. And based on the higher age of the person, the hair tends to grow slower. The hair growth from an old person is probably only ¼ an inch per month. The hair type, genetic factors and environment are able to effect the hair growth rate to be more or less than the common or the averages.

All the hair types can grow at the same rate

Actually, all the types of hair can grow at the same rate, but straight hair tends to have the fastest growth. For example, let’s say that there are two string strands which have the same length. One is straight and the other one is wrapped around the pen. The straight one will look longer and the curled one appears to be shortened despite the length of each piece of string are really the same.

Go see your doctor and ask for something that can help you to make your hair grow faster and healthier, if you feel that your hair doesn’t grow as fast as you want or like it usually did in the past. You also need to ask about the reasons that can cause the slow growth. Just like stress, this is the most problematic reason which can be a big influence for your hair and has ability to damage your hair.

These are the other factors.

The other factors that can affect the rate of the hair growth are childbirth, pregnancy or diabetes. Medically, there are some conditions which can be treated to fix hair growth, and by consuming a multi vitamin, it will give you what the body needs for producing the spectacular locks which you can be able to be proud of.

how fast does your hair grow in a week

how fast does your hair grow in a week

Based on the statements above and from the question of “how fast our hair can grow?” people can attempt the long journey to find the ways to maximize hair growth. The only way you can grow your hair faster is by keep your body healthy.

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