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Images of Short Hair Styles for Women

Feeling bored with your long hair? Need something fresher for your look and performance? Well, cutting your hair into a short style can be a great idea for you. Feel the difference with simple hair which no longer needs an extra treatment. Short hair also can make you prettier and a give a casual look all the time.  Before you change your hair, you better check this article with various images of short hair for women to find the best references for your new hair and look.

short hair cuts for women

short hair cuts for women

 Images of Short Hair for Women

1.   Ravishing Comb-Over

With the texture of a comb over, this type of classic short haircut has turned into the modern haircut. Now, the style of a ravishing comb-over is diagonal and also takes the top of your hair from one side to the other in strands of thinner and broader. All parts of your hair is blown over a round comb and lifted to add more volume to your hair. This hairdo looks sassy and simple sexy with a stylish casual feel.

2.  Texture and Many Lengths

Subtle layering turns this smooth short haircut into outstanding texture and vanilla light sculpture. Elegant looks are created by shorter hair on the upper part of your head. The idea of trendy and fun are given by thin sections which run down the front stretching diagonally.

3.  Feminine Short Haircut

This feminine short haircut is also known as the pixie haircut which turns into a fashionable and feminine short cut with no pointy peaks but with lots of lift in the roots. The feisty approach is still retained while slightly deconstructed and more motion.

4.    Blending the ears

This style includes smooth blonde lengths changed into an elegant connection partially over the eyes of the models while the face frames and hides the nape. You can get some glosses for a shine effect.

5.   Garbo Bob

The hairdo of Greta Garbo becomes one of the many images of short hair styles for women. Sophistication and simplicity come along with a highly and flirty seductive look. This elegant hairdo is a graduated neck that accentuates soft volume and full effect of your hair.

 6.  Rhapsody in Red

The ingeniously texture of face framing and crafted layers is energizing with the harmonious roundness of your short haircut. The layers which are longer in the front are textured and thinned to care for the side of your face with most of the weight above your ears.

 7.    Short Length Changeling

This short length changeling is one of other images of short hair for women. This hairdo can create casual sophistication by its slightly layered bob (blown out and straight variation). The asymmetrical fringe creates beautiful face framing. A smooth and some feathering curve on the opposite side also creates the beauty of face framing.

 8.        Sleek A-Line Bob with Bangs

Sleek A-Line Bob with Bangs is another classic hairdo which has become modern today. This classic A-line bob with a modern texture uses a blade to soften the ends of your hair.

Good luck finding the perfect short hairstyle!

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