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How to Make Your Hair Curly for Men

How to make your hair curly for men? Well, it’s an easy question with a simple answer to make it happen. Some lucky men who were born with perfect curly hair, have the benefit of not needing to waste much time for longing your curly hair. For other men who weren’t born with curly hair but want it to be formed curls, there are simple way for you to work with it. This is how to make your hair curly for men, check this out.

The several things you’ll need before you start to curl your hair are: curl-enhancing shampoo, curl-enhancing conditioner and last is comb.

Here are the instructions: How to Make Your Hair Curly for Men

how to make your hair curly for boys

how to make your hair curly for boys

    1. First thing you have to do is to use a curl-enhancing shampoo. Use also the right cleansing products if you want to try to make your hair curlier. Use only conditioner and shampoo that is specially designed for curly hair. These kinds of products are usually contained with the ingredients of frizz-fighting and curls-enhancing chemicals which will help you to get the underlying curl. One of the curly for men products is Redken’s Fresh Curls which can keep your curly hair and has a light scent and it is also frizz-free. You can try the shampoo Nutra Curls Wash ‘N Curl if you are including to a simple guy. Get soft and curly hair after you do this single-step cleanser.
how to make your hair curly for black men

how to make your hair curly for black men

    1. Besides using a curl-enhancing shampoo, you also may use specific styling products for men. Make sure the product that you have chosen provides shine and hold. You need to apply the leave-in conditioner if you are air-drying your hair to be curls. The styling products from Paul Mitchell and J. Crew are a perfect fit for men’s hair needs.
    2. Rather than using certain styling tools, you better use the first and second tips to get good curly hair. Do not use certain kind of heated appliances for your hair because they can cause bad effects like break the formation of the curl and also make your hair go straight again. A flat iron is the main tool to be abandoned when you want to live with curly hair.
    3. Use only curlers and heated appliances. If the method of air-dry and scrunch won’t hold your curly hair, you can take other options like curling irons, heated curlers and sponge curlers which can help you to get perfect curly hair. Though you’ll feel like a woman by using those kinds of appliances, it doesn’t matter at all as long as you can get curly hair that you desire.
  1.  If those four methods fail after you do them, you still can try the permanent approach. See a men’s hair specialist for the hairstyle and also get a perm. Before you decide to get a perm, you need to understand a few things like it’s a permanent solution, and it needs a longer time if you do it by yourself and the process may damage your hair. Make sure you use plenty of hair care products to minimize the breakage.

Good luck making your hair curly!

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